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To repair or to replace windows, that is the question. Old windows can play a big part in decreasing your happiness in your house. It can be difficult and very expensive to heat your house during winter due to breezes entering your house. It is also true when it comes to cooling your house during the hot summer. Sagging or deteriorating sashes and rotting wood frames can make your house to be less inviting from outside as well as out of date. Your might consider replacing your window due to the above facts.

But is it Riley necessary? You should not take your windows as being old, take them original. These windows can improve the look of your home and may have been made using repairable material. You don’t need to replace such window; repair is the best way to go about this.

Making a decision between window repair and window replacement is not that easy. It is gets even harder when you start seeking advice from contractors. Window installation companies will always tell you that installing new windows is the best way to go about this. This may not be necessarily the truth. There are advantages and disadvantages of both window replacement and window repair which you will need to think carefully before you make your decision.

These questions can help you to understand whether you want to replace or repair your windows.

  • Is your main concern energy saving?
  • Is the value of your historical home important?
  • Is the character of your window good?
  • Is your concern ease of maintenance?
  • Do you love the condition of your windows?

Find out the pros and cons of both window repair and window replacement and see what best for you. Finally, understand what you want to achieve when you choose to either replace or to repair your windows.

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