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Commercial Remodeling Contractor in Columbus, Ohio

Commercial Remodeling

Wingler Construction and Remodeling provides commercial remodeling services to businesses in Columbus, Ohio. From re-configuring the interior layout by removing old walls or building new walls, to bathroom remodels, window and door replacements, and new exterior siding.

Reasons You Need to Change Your Commercial Floor Plan

Accommodate Business Growth

If your business is growing, you’re probably trying to figure out how to get more space. Whether you’re hiring additional employees, purchasing new equipment or need a bigger conference room, a growing company is not a bad problem to have. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to move to a new location. Adjusting your current floor plan can make a big impact. By making better use of the space you already have, your business can become more productive and accommodate growth. Wingler Construction and Remodeling can reconfigure your floor plan by removing and/or adding walls, so you can strategically re-purpose your space for employees, equipment and clients.

Renovate for New Tenants

If you own a commercial building that leases space, you understand that a new tenant is likely to requests changes to the layout prior to occupancy. Our business contractors can modify any commercial space by converting one large area into two or more separate offices, removing or adding walls, creating a conference room or customer reception area, and more. If the building is old and needs to be updated prior to leasing, we can install new insulation, update the electric and plumbing, replace and repair drywall, install new doors and windows, and even create a new private entry.

Convert a House into an Office

Many Columbus neighborhoods are shifting from residential to commercial, and it’s common to see a business operating out of a beautiful old historic home. Residential homes, however, don’t normally have interior layouts conducive to most business operations. That’s where our commercial remodelers can help! The team at Wingler Construction and Remodeling can repurpose your residential property so it can serve a commercial function. For example, we can convert a house into an office suitable for corporate work, medical or dental services, retail sales, and more.

3 Ways to Improve Your Commercial Space

Window Replacement

Often, the windows in old commercial buildings are the original aluminum windows that were installed when the building was constructed. Today, the technology in windows and glass has vastly improved. Installing new replacement windows in your office will provide more comfortable and stable temperatures because they’re better insulated and don’t conduct heat or cold. New windows also require less maintenance and offer better energy efficiency, which lowers your heating and cooling bills.

Door Replacement

If your building is old, the doors probably need updating. Why should you replace the doors on your office? Think about how much use the doors get on a daily basis. With employees, customers and suppliers coming and going throughout the day, the doors experience a lot of wear and tear. Not only are new doors more attractive, better insulated and more energy efficient, they are also safer.

Siding Replacement

If your commercial building looks old or worn out, replacing the exterior siding is a relatively quick and affordable way to dramatically improve the curb appeal of your business. Wingler Construction and Remodeling uses high quality vinyl or fiber cement siding that is durable, paintable, and looks great. If your building is in a historic area, we can adhere to specific design rules to ensure you stay compliant.

Commercial Bathroom Remodels

In addition to renovating and repurposing commercial spaces, we also remodel bathrooms for offices, retail establishments, nonprofits and government buildings. While most companies put effort into making sure reception areas and break rooms look pristine, bathrooms often get overlooked. Employee and customer comfort is key. If your bathrooms are old and dingy, you can be sure people notice. We can upgrade your bathroom facilities with modern features like hands-free soap and paper towel dispensers, low flow toilets and motion sensor lights, which add convenience and reduce water and power usage. Plus, our bathroom remodelers can work in a manner that won’t disrupt your day-to-day operations.

Make Your Office ADA Compliant

If your commercial business needs to become compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), we can install ramps in front of your building leading up to the entryway, widen doorways to accommodate wheelchair access, and add grab bars in the bathrooms.

Wingler Construction and Remodeling renovates commercial spaces in the Columbus, Ohio, area. From replacing windows and doors to complete overhauls and floor plan changes, we have the experience to get the job done right and on budget. For more information about our commercial remodeling services, please contact us today.