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Window installation company in Columbus, Ohio

When you need a window installer in Columbus, Ohio, call Wingler Construction and Remodeling. We provide high-quality window replacements and expert installation services to give your house a new look and improved energy savings.

What can new windows do for your home?

New windows can make several improvements to your home at once including a new look, better energy conservation, and often products that are easier to use and clean. When you picture how want your home to look, what do you see? Bay windows that bring natural light into your home? Energy-efficient windows that reduce heating and cooling costs throughout the year? Whatever aesthetics or improvements you want, you can get with our full line of high-quality window products.

How do I know if I need new windows on my house?

Any time you want to update or change the design of your house, have a more comfortable temperature in your home, or minimize your reliance on heating and cooling units, window replacements can do the job.

We provide professional window installation services you can trust

Did you know that the installation process is more important than the quality of your windows? A professional installation can make a huge difference in how well your windows serve your needs. In fact, even the best windows can become a regretful disappointment if poorly installed.

High quality windows with our installers’ expertise

We can get the right product at the right price for your needs, and then install your new windows with the skill and precision that comes from years of experience. Not only are we family-owned and operated, we also have a great reputation from our customer service that creates many returning clients.

Benefits of replacement windows

Replacement windows serve as an update to the windows you already have, or you can completely change the look. The options are limited only to your imagination. Here are some ways window replacements can improve your home:

  • Update the current look or change the appearance to an entirely new design
  • Enjoy more comfortable, stable temperatures in your home thanks to new, better quality replacement windows
  • New windows often require less maintenance as they are designed for easier cleaning
  • Enjoy your windows sooner with an easier window installation

What to expect from a window replacement job

Want more light, less wasted energy, or both? Whether you want to install a stunning new picture window or energy-efficient window replacements, get the look you want and the benefits you need.

We carry a full line of the highest quality replacement windows

From awning and casement to bay and double hung, you can find the window you want. Our experts will help you choose the option that works best for you and then install it professionally with reliable, thoughtful service.

When you want the best window installation company in Columbus, Ohio, call Wingler Construction and Remodeling. Check out the wide variety of windows we offer and see why we're one of the most trusted companies for replacement windows in town.

Types of windows:

  1. Vinyl Windows

    Vinyl window installation company in Columbus, Ohio

    As vinyl window installers in Columbus, Ohio, we see firsthand how popular these windows have become in home remodeling and improvement. Why? When installed correctly, vinyl windows bring benefits including a polished look and improved energy efficiency.

    Upgrade your old windows to modern vinyl windows

    Wingler Construction and Remodeling provides a full line of vinyl windows, so you can match your current look or try something completely new.

    Benefits of vinyl replacement windows

    Here are some of the benefits of replacing your windows with vinyl:

    • Vinyl windows look more finished
    • Installation is easier and faster
    • Indoor temperature is better regulated for added comfort
    • Improved insulation may reduce outdoor noise
    • Up to 30% savings on your utility costs
    • Replacement windows can eliminate drafts

    Professional vinyl window installers

    Use a professional vinyl window installation company if you’re in Columbus, Ohio, and need replacements. If your windows look worn or are costing you excessive money on your energy bills, properly-installed windows can be a big improvement and they’ll last longer than your old windows did. Contact Wingler Construction and Remodeling for new vinyl windows today (614) 235-5000.

  2. Double Hung Windows

    Double hung window installation company in Columbus, Ohio

    Looking for a double hung window installer in Columbus, Ohio? Wingler Construction and Remodeling carries a full line of windows in every style and type, including double hung replacement windows.

    Benefits of double hung windows

    Double hung windows open at the top and the bottom, so when your window is open you get twice the ventilation. When wall and window space is limited, double hung windows do double the duty, circulating air easily in even the smallest rooms, like bathrooms.

    Are double hung windows energy efficient?

    Double hung windows have the option of quadruple weather stripping and when installed properly can prevent heat from escaping or cold air from entering your home, saving money on energy bills throughout the year.

    What types of double hung windows are available?

    Double hung windows are made with different materials including vinyl, wood and metal. Since they’re so easy to clean, they are a popular choice among homeowners. In fact, you don’t even have to go outside to clean double hung windows, simply rotate the windows in to clean both sides.

    Are double hung windows safe?

    Since double hung windows slide open rather than opening outward, you won’t have to worry about bumping your head or walking into one while trimming the hedges outside. Plus, the two operable sashes help keep children safe as they are more difficult for little ones to open.

    If you want new double hung windows to update your Columbus, Ohio, home contact Wingler Construction and Remodeling. Our replacement windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency, ventilation and safety.

  3. Picture Windows

    Picture window installation company in Columbus, Ohio

    Picture windows installed by Columbus, Ohio’s Wingler Construction and Remodeling can instantly brighten any home. Whether you choose picture windows as a stunning design element or to expand your current window, you won’t regret your choice.

    What type of house has picture windows?

    Whether you have high vaulted ceilings or not, picture windows look great in any type of house. Let our experts help you select the right window from our full line of products. Add in our expert installation, and you’ll be sure to love your new picture window.

    What are the benefits of picture windows?

    Properly installed picture windows provide years of benefits both to the beauty and function of your home. When you get your picture windows from Wingler, here’s what you can expect:

    • A beautiful view of the outdoors
    • Completely insulated windows for the most secure energy efficiency
    • Lower utility bills
    • More natural light and decreased need for indoor lighting

    How much does a picture window cost?

    Because picture windows are fixed, with no moving mechanisms or parts, there are zero costs for any replacement parts. Plus, the natural sunlight helps warms your home during the winter, saving money on energy bills.

    For picture window installers in Columbus, Ohio, contact Wingler Construction and Remodeling to add a seasonal “picture” of your yard and amazing design element to your home. Picture windows are some of the most energy efficient windows available, improving the comfort and charm of your home every day.

  4. Bay Windows

    Bay window installation company in Columbus, Ohio

    Install a bay window in your Columbus, Ohio, home and you’ll experience the benefits right away. Bay windows look beautiful in any house, bringing a certain amount of elegance to a room, both inside and out. If you’ve ever driven past a house with bay windows, you know they have amazing curb appeal!

    Have you considered adding bay windows to your home?

    Did you know bay windows are such a great touch to a house that they can even increase your home’s resale value? That’s in addition to all the other great benefits bay windows provide, like:

    • More natural light and less reliance on indoor lights
    • A broader, more impressive view of the outdoors
    • Classically beautiful style that never fails to capture attention
    • Additional indoor space
    • Utility cost savings

    Are bay windows energy efficient?

    Any new replacement window in your home will improve your energy efficiency and reduce utility costs on every bill, sometimes as much as 30%. When you have high-quality windows that fit properly and are installed well, it improves the insulation of your home and decrease air leakage, which means more comfort and less cost for you.

    Why do people love bay windows?

    Due to their expansive size and obstruction-free design, bay windows can fill a home with natural light. Not only will you use less electricity (because you won’t need to turn on as many indoor lights) but all the added natural daylight can improve your mood and comfort.

    Ready to install a bay window in your Columbus, Ohio, home? Contact Winger Construction and Remodeling today. Whether in your front room, bedroom or kitchen, a great bay window can be awe-inspiring.

  5. Provia windows



    Energy efficient window installation company in Columbus, Ohio

    As Columbus, Ohio, window installers, we understand that our customers want their homes to be energy efficient. That’s why we use ProVia brand windows. ProVia takes great pride in building energy-efficient windows that add comfort and beauty to any home. Using advanced technology, they manufacture windows and doors that exceed the highest standards.


    For the energy-efficient Endure line, ProVia has chosen the optimum levels of technology to make a window that will work continually at peak performance. Endure replacement windows provide all that you would expect from high-performance ENERGY STAR certified vinyl windows, using much less energy to stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and provide more comfort all year round.

    Endure vinyl windows are one of three ProVia window lines that meet ENERGY STAR window standards nationwide or for specific climate zones.


    ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.

    ProVia is committed to manufacturing Endure vinyl windows using the highest quality frame and sash designs along with energy-efficient glazing systems.

    We also promote up-front verification to ensure our products meet or exceed the EPA’s certification, and that your new ENERGY STAR certified vinyl windows will provide the exact energy efficiency you expect from ProVia.

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  6. ENERGY STAR Windows

    ENERGY STAR window installers in Columbus, Ohio

    Why do we install ENERGY STAR windows to Columbus, Ohio, homes? At Wingler Construction and Remodeling, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. That’s why we offer the best energy-efficient windows available to our customers.

    What is ENERGY STAR?

    ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy. Its main purpose is to help people save money and protect the environment by utilizing energy efficient products and practices. With the help of this amazing program, Americans can save enough energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money on their utility bills.

    How much money can I save using ENERGY STAR products?

    ENERGY STAR products can save families about a third on their energy bills without sacrificing features, style, or comfort.

    Where can I find ENERGY STAR products?

    When shopping for household products, look for the ENERGY STAR seal. This signifies that the product meets the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy. If you are planning to make larger improvements to your home, the EPA offers tools and resources to help you plan and undertake projects to reduce your energy bills and improve the comfort of your home.

    Which ENERGY STAR product is right for me?

    Since the energy efficient performance of windows, doors, and skylights varies by climate, product recommendations are given four U.S. climate zones. For comparisons among ENERGY STAR products and selecting the best product available, The National Fenestration Rating Council can help you make informed purchase decisions.

    What are the ENERGY STAR qualifications?

    Because ENERGY STAR qualifications change, get the most current information on energy efficient products and savings directly from the website.

    At Wingler Construction and Remodeling, we value the importance of providing our customers with one of the most improved energy-efficient windows on the market. We OKNA’s innovative energy conservation technology because it outperforms ENERGY STAR’s more stringent certification standards.

    If you’re in Columbus, Ohio, and are interested in buying ENERGY STAR windows, contact our local window installation team at (614) 235-5000. We’re sure you’ll love the beauty and comfort these windows offer.

  1. Wood Windows

    Wood window installation company in Columbus, Ohio

    Our wood window installation company in Columbus, Ohio, offers a full line of wood replacement windows. Why do people love our windows? Natural materials have their own unique beauty and nothing can beat the charm and elegance of genuine wood window frames.

    Why should I replace my old windows with new ones?

    As windows get older, they are less able to protect you from temperature changes. Not only does your heating and air conditioning work harder, you’ll also find that some areas of your house fluctuate in temperature much more than others.

    Why choose wood windows?

    Not only is wood environmentally friendly, it’s also a natural insulator. This means your home will be more comfortable because the windows help retain heat in the winter and keep it cooler in the summer. And since wood is easy to paint or stain, you can get the exact custom look you want.

    Custom wood window installers for your home

    Imagine what your home could look like when fitted with professionally installed wood windows. Because we offer a variety of options, you can find the style that fits your house best. Choose from classically-designed windows with the special details that give your home a finished, authentic look.

    For wood window installers, our company serves the Columbus, Ohio, area. The beauty of wood combined with modern window innovations mean you’ll get the look you want without sacrificing the protection that high-quality windows provide. Contact Wingler Construction and Remodeling to find the right windows for your house. Call (614) 235-5000.

  2. Casement Windows

    Casement window installation company in Columbus, Ohio

    We install new casement windows in homes across Columbus, Ohio. When you look around your house, what do you see? Natural light streaming in through trustworthy, energy-efficient windows? If not, casement windows from Wingler Construction and Remodeling might be exactly what you are missing.

    What are casement windows?

    Mounted on side hinges, casement windows pivot open and closed via an internal crank. Because they can open extremely wide, they allow cooling breezes to flow throughout your home. In addition, casement windows offer great views of the outdoors because they have fewer muntins than other windows. (Muntins are the strips that divide window panes.)

    Benefits of casement windows

    Casement windows are a popular choice for many reasons, from attractive versatility to energy efficiency. Here are some great benefits of new casement windows:

    • Easy to use and great functionality
    • One of the most energy efficient window choices
    • Save up to 30% on your utility bills
    • Match or update your current window design
    • Protect your home from harsh sunlight and heat transference

    Casement windows are also extremely durable and will last years into the future, giving your home both a new look and increased comfort for a long time to come.

    Are casement windows secure?

    Home security is important to all homeowners. Because the locks on casement windows are shaped like a hook, they are very difficult to break into. This means you can sleep a little easier at night knowing your family is safe.

    For casement window installations in Columbus, Ohio, contact Wingler Construction and Remodeling. We install the best replacement windows on the market. Call today at (614) 235-5000.

  3. Slider Windows

    Slider window installation company in Columbus, Ohio

    Sliding window installations add a clean, smart look that can update the appearance of any Columbus, Ohio, home. Wingler Construction and Remodeling carries a full line of sliders so that you can find the one that fits your house best.

    Benefits of sliding windows

    When you add windows to your home you need the best, longest-lasting windows you can get. What can you expect from our slider windows? Some great benefits to your home and family, like:

    • Easy to use and maintain, sliders glide horizontally and don’t require much strength to open
    • Sliding windows provide a great view of the outside
    • You’ll rely less on heating, AC, and indoor lighting with these energy-efficient windows

    Are sliding windows energy efficient?

    When professionally installed by our knowledgeable, experienced staff, you’ll get peace of mind that your new sliding windows effectively block air from coming in or leaving your home.

    How do sliding windows work?

    Like the name implies, sliding windows open and close using a track system within the window frame. Like picture and bay windows, sliders bring extra light into your home during the day. Plus, a high-quality window and installation process improves the insulation, so you’ll notice more comfortable home temperatures year-round as well as reduced utility bills.

    When you need sliding window installers in Columbus, Ohio, contact Wingler Construction and Remodeling. If you find standard windows difficult to open, you’ll appreciate the ease of slider windows as an option. Call today at (614) 235-5000.

  4. Awning Windows

    Awning window installation company in Columbus, Ohio

    Install awning windows in your Columbus, Ohio, home where standard windows just won’t fit. Because they are often placed higher than ordinary windows, awning windows fit perfectly over cabinets, sinks, and other built in furniture and add a unique, elegant look to any home.

    How do awning windows work?

    Awning windows open and close using top hinges. Because of the way they’re made, they can be installed higher than other types of windows. This means you can enjoy the fresh breezes and natural sunlight without sacrificing privacy.

    How much do awning windows cost?

    Costs vary depending on the type of material and size. For example, steel or wood windows generally cost more than aluminum or vinyl.

    Benefits of installing awning windows in your home

    Imagine an easy-to-use window over your kitchen sink. A window you could open with no problem, would block out debris, wind, and rain, and would let fresh air into your home any time you want. These are just some of the benefits of awning windows. Awning windows are a great choice for the home or office since they fit into spaces standard windows won’t.

    We carry a full line of awning windows for every room in your home. We have whatever style you want for your house, from awning windows propped open over your cabinets to letting light in by your kitchen sink. Not only do we give you the best quality in choices, we also install whichever window you choose. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with and confident in your new windows.

    Contact us for awning window installation in Columbus, Ohio. You will be glad you chose Wingler Construction and Remodeling for your new awning windows— we guarantee it!

  5. Starmark Windows

    Starmark window installation company in Columbus, Ohio

    Install energy efficient Starmark windows in your home. The Columbus, Ohio, window installers at Wingler Construction and Remodeling provide top notch window installation services using the best products on the market.

    What is a Starmark window?

    A Starmark window is built to exceed efficiency standards and homeowner expectations. Made with advanced cellular composite material, these windows insulate over 200% better than vinyl and 1600% better than aluminum.

    Perfect for both dry and humid regions, Starmark windows are where Old-World craftsmanship meets Space Age technology. Just one look at the cross section and you’ll see why Starmark is a superior choice in terms of energy efficiency, strength and durability. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors to go with any home.

    Save energy, money, and the environment with Starmark windows

    Traditionally, window tinting or shading has been the preferred way to reduce unwanted heat gain in your home. Today, Starmark’s advanced Heat Shield coating works even better than tinted glass to reduce solar heat gain, and with minimal loss of visible light.

    Warm and cold weather savings on energy bills

    Double glazed low solar gain windows in a typical 2000 sq. ft. house reduces air conditioner peak loads from 600kw to 400kw, which can save the homeowner about 35% in cooling costs. People living in warm regions can now have windows that face the sun without extensive energy penalties.

    The best window spacer in the industry

    Starmark’s Heatseal Spacer guarantees the warmest window glass and least possible condensation. In summer, reduced air conditioning use means a reduction in the possible health effects associated with air conditioning use. In winter, high performance windows create warmer interior glass surfaces, reducing frost and condensation.

    Learn more about energy efficient Starmark windows. Contact the Columbus, Ohio, window installers at Wingler Construction and Remodeling today and experience a warm and comfortable home interior where moisture is virtually eliminated. Call (614) 235-5000.

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