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Veterans Affairs Disability Home Remodeling Projects

Every year, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers disability housing grants for veterans. These grants allow veterans with service-connected disabilities to buy or renovate a home to meet their needs and live more independently. Wingler Construction & Remodeling & Remodeling is proud to be on the Columbus VA office’s list of qualified contractors. We’ve helped veterans renovate their homes through this program in the past, and we look forward to helping others in the future.

How our VA Program works

  1. When a veteran contacts the VA to request a room addition or other renovation services, the VA office sends a description of the bid to their list of qualified contractors.

  2. When Wingler Construction & Remodeling receives a bid, we respond and tell them we’d like to be a candidate for the project.

  3. The VA office sets up a meeting with Wingler Construction & Remodeling, VA representatives, and the homeowner to review the project scope and visit the home. We ask questions and take measurements in order to put together an estimate.

  4. After the meeting, we send our estimate to the VA, and the VA sends the estimate to the homeowner. The homeowner reviews all the offers and decides which contractor they want to work with.

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How do I apply for a veteran housing grant?

If you want to learn more about disability housing grants for veterans through the VA, click here. Veterans can call Wingler Construction & Remodeling directly to get more information, but candidates for this program need to go through the VA association to obtain the grant to pay for the work. Wingler Construction & Remodeling will always do our best to accommodate veterans if they call us directly.

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