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By definition, a house is a building for human habitation.  A home, however, should be more than simply a place for you and your family to reside. A home welcomes you after a long day, makes guests feel welcome and invited, and a place where you and your family can relax and escape from the world outside of the walls that confine it.


There are several ways to transform your house into a home. We’ve taken the time to list a few of our favorite ways!



  1. It Starts with the Entrance: Imagine going on the vacation you’ve been dreaming of. You follow the cobblestone path to the entrance of the 5-star hotel you’ve had booked for months. The lighting is perfect, the plants are blooming with gorgeous colors, the sound of the water from the fountain provides the perfect background noise as you approach the giant archways and glass doors. Before you even enter, you are already amazed by the beauty of the place. While you may not have the ability to create a 5-star resort feel to your front yard, you can create a breath-taking entrance to your home. Your entrance should be inviting each and every time you get home, and should make a lasting first impression to first-time guests.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our ability to help you create an amazing entry way to your home.
  2. Lighting is Key: Think back to your first apartment. It probably had a large window in the living room and one in each bedroom. That was the only source of outside light.  The rest of your place was probably lit by poorly placed florescent lights.  The lighting in the living room was natural and more inviting than the over-the-stove light that lit the kitchen.  Lighting can change the entire feel of a room.  Proper lighting can make your house go from uncomfortable to inviting.  LEARN  MORE about what proper windows can do to provide the perfect lighting and reduce energy costs in your home.
  3. Home Décor: Have you ever walked into a house with little to no wall hangings? No decorations? Bare walls and large empty spaces feel cold and unwelcoming. It’s important to find decorations that fit your personality and set the mood you want your living space to provide. Searching local shops, thrift stores, or browsing online for DIY projects is a great way to liven up your space – and it’s FUN! Of course, don’t forget to include family photos.
  4. The Bathroom: Toilet. Make Up. Hair. Whether getting ready for a date night, or cleaning up after a long day, we spend a large amount of time each day in a bathroom. Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant and used the restroom, returned to your table and said, “Before we leave, you HAVE to check out the bathroom here!” Decorating a bathroom can be fun! You spend enough time in it each day to justify making it a statement. CLICK HERE to see what we can do to help you create the perfect bathroom.
  5. The Basement: Finally, your home is more than just one level. Finishing your basement provides a whole new area for your family and guests to enjoy. Your unfinished basement can become an entertainment center, in-home bar, game room, art gallery – the possibilities are endless! WIngler can help transform your basement into whatever you want. CLICK HERE to learn more.


Does your house feel like a home? We think it should! We hope we’ve given you some great ways to start transforming your home.

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