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10Sep 2014

There are a lot of great things to be said for choosing casement windows. They open outward on door-like hinges, but are controlled with a crank that is often easier to operate than pushing up a traditional sash. Casement windows are also a great choice for letting light into the house and, depending on the window, […]

28Aug 2014

Windows come in a wide array of options and styles, but they also come in different materials. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. It basically boils down to what your personal preferences are. Aside from that, if you are just replacing one or two windows, you will most likely need to stick with […]

09Aug 2014

Windows play an overall image of your home, especially on the inside. On the outside, they can make your house look fabulous. Inside, they modernize your home and bring light into the house, while also controlling the temperature with features like insulated glass. Windows also can filter UV rays that often fade certain materials. Aside […]

26Jul 2014

When you think of how to build a house, would you think of grain silos? It might sound strange, but one man did just that—in an effort to build an energy-efficient, green house, Jeff Moore acquired two silos and turned them into his home. He lives in his silo house now, and it has all of […]

23Jul 2014

Houses are more frequently burglarized in the summer, especially because everyone tends to go on vacation while the kids are out of school. Whether you go on vacation or not, there are some important security steps you can take to help keep your home safe. Everyday Safety If you want to keep your house safe, the […]

14Jul 2014

Roller shades are a great option for many windows because they give you full control over the amount of light coming into your house. They are often white or off white, however; and it can be hard to incorporate them well into your décor. You can make them completely unique with one trick, though; and […]