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28Sep 2015

By definition, a house is a building for human habitation.  A home, however, should be more than simply a place for you and your family to reside. A home welcomes you after a long day, makes guests feel welcome and invited, and a place where you and your family can relax and escape from the […]

25Aug 2015

Your home should be tough enough to fight the outdoor elements. Your siding is one of the main things that protects your home. The way your home looks on the outside is just as important as how it looks on the inside. Visitors will see the outside of your home before they ever set foot […]

11May 2015

One of the biggest reasons people turn to retrofit windows is for energy efficiency. If you have ever been around a leaky window on a windy day you will notice one thing. This window doesn’t stop much air from entering your home. These windows are where most of the heating and cooling energy is lost […]

04Apr 2015

To repair or to replace windows, that is the question. Old windows can play a big part in decreasing your happiness in your house. It can be difficult and very expensive to heat your house during winter due to breezes entering your house. It is also true when it comes to cooling your house during […]

30Mar 2015

The science of Feng Shui states that the state of any part of our house, be it the windows or the doors or even the steps form a very important part of study and their state effects the well-being of the people who reside in that home. The Windows are known as the eyes of […]