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Finished basements add a great deal of value to your home. But more importantly, finished basements are fun. A basement can be transformed into several fantastic additions to your home. An unfinished basement can be considered a waste of space. Would you leave a bedroom unfinished? No. You’d probably turn it into a guest room or office space. So why leave your basement unfinished? Click here to read more about Wingler’s basement options.


As mentioned, your basement can be anything you want it to be. If you’ve got kiddos in the house, why not transform the empty space into a place for their imaginations to grow? Here’s a few helpful hints when turning your basement into a playroom:


Consider the Mess: Kids make messes. That’s a fact. Rather than placing down your typical carpet, why not try several carpet squares? They can be multi-colored to create a fun space and when someone spills their red juice, you’ll only need to tear up a couple squares and replace them.


Kids Grow Up: Before you know it, your little ones will be teenagers. When designing the playroom when they are still young, try to pick functional pieces that will be useful for toy storage when they are young, but can function for other types of storage once they get older. They may not keep playing with the same building blocks and dolls, but they can still use their “old playroom” as they grow up.


Divide the Space: As a parent, you’ll probably want to spend time in the basement as your kids are playing. Divide the basement in such a way that you can enjoy adult get-togethers or alone time watching TV or reading your favorite book while still keeping an eye on the little ones.


Turning your basement into a playroom is a great way to provide the kids a place to learn and grow.  Their imaginations can run wild and free – and you can relax knowing they are staying out of trouble (most of the time). If you’re thinking of finishing your basement, we’ve got you covered!



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