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Making improvements to your Columbus, Ohio home not only increases your enjoyment, but it can also increase the value should you ever decide to sell it. When it comes to choosing which home remodel services to take advantage of, there are a vast number of options. Which one is right for you? Which one will increase your home’s value the most if you plan on eventually selling it? You can rest easy. We have compiled our top ways to increase your home’s value through remodeling based on our generations of experience serving the Columbus, Ohio area and people just like you.

All About The Windows

Three Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

Not only does replacing your windows increase your home’s value, but it can pay off in the short term as well. According to Consumer Reports, finding an “energy efficient” home is the second biggest influence on home buyers when it comes to purchasing behavior. Replacing your windows to be energy efficient can save you up to 15 percent on your energy bill, as well as increase your home’s value up to 3 percent.

HOW your windows get installed can be more important than WHAT windows you decide to install. The window installation process needs to be done by a professional, as the energy efficiency depends on the quality of the work. Finding a window installation team you trust will help give your home the boost it needs.

The Kitchen Is Key

Your kitchen is a major selling point. Among the list of ideal home features that millennials and the new wave of first-time home buyers prefer is a “modern, updated kitchen”. In some cases, a complete kitchen remodel is not necessary. Simply adding new cabinets or updating your appliances may give it the selling boost you desire. According to Consumer Reports, a new kitchen can increase your home’s value up to 7 percent. Some key things to consider:


Stainless steel appliances have been listed as the top type of appliances that current homebuyers prefer. Choosing the right appliances can tie the look of your kitchen together in a way that’s appealing to potential buyers.


Granite, quartz, laminate, and other solid-surface countertops can help define the look of your kitchen. Consider talking with professionals on what the best fit for your home is and what the current trends are.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The second-most desired feature of millennials and first-time homebuyers is an open floor plan with flexible living space. While adding to your home’s footprint with an exterior addition is still an option, investing in creating a smarter living space with the square footage you already have is the better alternative. Basement remodeling is the best way to add more functional space to your home. Compared to something like an attic remodel, a basement remodel can cost half as much and yield the same, if not more, value to your home. When it’s all said and done, creating more living space can add up to 6 percent of value to your home.

Finding the right home remodeling professional in the Columbus, Ohio area can be just as important as the remodeling decisions you make. Contact us today to talk through all your options.


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