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Taking the plunge and remodeling the kitchen for your Columbus, Ohio home is a big project, with many things to consider. Before you start planning and budgeting, it’s important to know WHEN it’s time to consider a kitchen remodel. There are classic signs that you need an update, and there are also subtle indicators that you may overlook. Part of our mantra is to not only provide the best remodeling services in the Columbus, Ohio area, but to also be completely transparent and as helpful as we can for you. Our goal is to be your partner in making your dream home a reality. Here are 3 signs that you need and deserve a new kitchen.

Outdated Appliances

Not only do outdated appliances cause an eye sore for your kitchen, they also run up your electricity bill every month. If you aren’t sure how much new kitchen appliances can save you, check out this calculator from on how much you are spending to keep your kitchen running. Updating your kitchen appliances can also add a level of enjoyment for you, as well as pay off up to 100% if you put your house on the market. Recent studies have even shown homeowners recouping in the range of 182% for updated kitchens. We recommend that you update your kitchen based on how long you plan on living in your house. If you see yourself staying in your home for many years to come, update your appliances exactly how you want so that you can enjoy them. If you are looking to put your home on the market for sale, contact us for the best recommendations and current trends that home buyers are looking for.

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

Over the years, many things may change in your life that impact how you view your kitchen. You may have bought your home when you were younger and weren’t interested in cooking but have picked up the hobby over the years and now need something less cramped. You may have also added members to your family, whether that be a significant other or even kids. When you go from cooking for one to cooking for 2 or more, you will need more space. Your kitchen doesn’t have to give you a headache. We are experts in getting creative with square footage and creating your dream kitchen from scratch.

Your Kitchen is High Maintenance

If it always seems like cleaning your kitchen takes too long, you may have a high maintenance kitchen. Whether it’s deep grout lines of tile countertops or linoleum floor tiles that never quite look clean, you may be due for an upgrade. Looking at your finishes and the options you have to replace them can cut your cleaning time down and will help you enjoy your kitchen. We offer several different countertops including granite, quartz, laminate, and other solid-surface countertops. The different floor options we recommend include tile, hardwood, bamboo, and many others.

There are many reasons you may need a kitchen remodel for your Columbus, Ohio home. Whether you just need more space, are looking to sell your home soon, or simply have outdated appliances, it is important to consider all your options. Contact us today for a free consultation and expert advice.


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