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What is the biggest window in your house? For many homeowners, it will be a sliding glass door or perhaps a large bay window. Imagine having windows that stretched floor to ceiling throughout your house.

Some Portuguese architects made use of such windows in a house they created and built. The house is already unique because of it’s single floor, semi-circle design, but the unexpected windows create interest, as well.

What the Windows Provide

When you’re considering windows as big as a wall, it matters to ask, “what will it do for me?” For these architects, the answer meant quite a bit.

From outside the house, the windows create an interesting, appealing architectural design. There’s something dynamic about being able to see almost slice-of-life into a house as clearly as these windows allow.

For those inside the house, the windows provide an amazing view of the outside courtyard, creating, in essence, a large piece of artwork for each room in which a window is located.

They also supply an amazing amount of natural light. Natural light is known to give a person the most accurate perception of a color, provide the best lighting for art and photographs, and act as a mood booster.

That’s a lot of benefits coming from a single window, and this didn’t escape the architect’s imaginations, either.

Mimicking the Look

If you want to get some of those benefits in your own home, there are some window choices you can make that our better than others.

For instance, a picture window provides almost the exact same experience as one of these large windows. It will give you a clear view of your yard anytime of the year and provide amazing light into your house.

If picture windows aren’t your style, bay windows are a nice compromise between a big, light-producing window and a standard window.

Choose the window that’s best for your own unique home and enjoy it!

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