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While home remodeling companies come and go, Wingler Construction crosses generations. What started as a small vinyl siding company has since transformed into a family business that supports the great community of Columbus, Ohio. Whether it is a small bathroom or a historical property with many intricacies, our family name is on the line every time our tools come out. Being a perfectionist isn’t just something we strive for, it’s something we will pass down through every generation. We have expanded what was once a small operation into a well-oiled machine of:

Humble Roots

While some kids found a summer job doing whatever they could find, we took to the family trade early. Hot summer days meant starting construction projects as the sun rose and earning the term “sweat equity”. When it was time to graduate high school, our CEO Don Wingler knew there was only one career path for him. Don started subcontracting for local companies and began to build his own legacy in the Columbus area. In fact, some of his original clients are still proud to go to him for their remodeling projects 40 years later. Don has been quoted as saying “I will remember your project before I remember your name.” Once he started a family, Don decided to settle down and shift his focus from traveling for subcontracting to owning his own construction and remodeling company.

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Over the Years

Every project has its own unique characteristics, but there have been a few over the years that have a special place in our memories. Buckeye Lake is home to many beautiful properties, and a home with 6 bathrooms is no exception. We custom-built each one to be uniquely different from one another, giving the home a flair that’s perfect for entertaining. Our creativity was also put to the test when doing various projects for the Ohio State Stone Laboratory, a research island built to solve the region’s most important environmental and economic issues. We were then contracted for our tallest project ever, as we helped with replacing the windows in the tower dorms on campus at The Ohio State University. No matter your remodeling needs, our diverse history gives us a different perspective than your average construction company.

The Future is Bright

Wingler Construction has been a family-owned construction company for three generations, with no plans of changing. The demand for new construction will always fluctuate, but things will always need to be remodeled. Don’s grandsons are already talking about wanting to work with grandpa, and if they inherit the customer service and attention to detail that the Wingler name is built upon, the business is in good hands for more generations to come.


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