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Windows are an integral element of your home from aesthetic and architectural point of view. They can enhance the look of the exteriors of your house to altogether new heights. This is one of the reasons why manufacturers are consistently expanding the range of products for remodeling and fresh installations. You can also ride the tide and bring in a whiff of fresh air but a dig into the basic window types is imperative before you jump in the bandwagon!

The inexpensive range of windows that are basically installed for letting in the natural light are called fixed windows. They are most suitable for higher locations such as attic or top of a room. These non-opening units are designed as accent windows or for optimum view.

The most common type of windows that you see around in almost every home is a double hung type. Talking in terms of energy, they are least efficient as you can open only half at a time but they have their own set of advantages, you can install them in children’s room as the lower sash can be kept closed for safety reasons and the upper remains open for ventilation. This is also a good choice for patios and walkways as they don’t block the exterior space.

Casement windows are good for ventilation as they are easy to open. This common type of window swings in and out like a door. Crank these vertically hinged windows outwards on places that are hard to reach as you require minimal effort to reach them, your best option for installing them could be above counters, cabinets or kitchen sink .

Awnings windows are also for good ventilation but they are hinged horizontally. Usually a preference for bedrooms for privacy reasons, they can be installed alone or with other windows or door for creating additional entry of light and air.

Sliding or glider is another popular window type. The two sashes slide horizontally so they are best suitable for sun rooms, family rooms or den. They are pretty inexpensive are best option for places where a swinging unit would come in the way.

If you are in for creating an element of drama and interest, then Palladian windows are your take. They are a group of three windows having an arch over the center.

Again, if you are not concerned with ventilation and just want to let in natural light, matched with great unobstructed views, then you can consider picture windows. What’s more you can opt for many shape variations in this range.

Elliptical or arched windows are often chosen to place over double hung or fixed windows in order to introduce an element of design.

You must have noticed a strip of small horizontal window panes, set high on the wall, almost bordering the ceiling. Great source of light, these are called Clerestory windows, mostly found in craftsman homes.

Bay windows and bow windows are a feature on the exterior wall, with a center fixed piece and two operable side windows. It is great for creating green effect in your little herb garden in the kitchen or some good viewing by window seat in a bathroom. While bay windows are angular, bow windows combine forming a gentle arc or bow.

So, now with this know how about the basic window types under your belt, take a dive and go for the best.

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