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It may seem highly illogical to want to attract birds to your windows when most people try to do the opposite. However, this can be a rewarding and worthwhile experience for both you and the birds. In fact, having birds near the window prevents window collisions because the birds are normally too close to gain enough momentum for a powerful impact.

The best windows for this activity are windows that have the least amount of traffic and aren’t near to entrances. The window should be easily reachable to you, in terms of height and location, for viewing and cleaning purposes. Make sure that the window isn’t accessible to predators. You will also have to shield the bird’s view because they will turn away if they see you. You can do this by using a sheer curtain, installing blinds or by installing a film or tint on the window. Do ensure that the tint allows you to see from the inside. You can also add a decal to the window. This distorts the illusion that the window is a clear path.

One of the most successful ways of attracting birds is by the use of food and water. You can grow seed-bearing or nectar-producing flowers in window boxes. Planting small trees can give shelter and protection for the birds, affording them a respite from unfriendly weather conditions. Use plants that are colorful as this will appeal to the birds even more. If you’re not into gardening, mounting a bird feeder will do. There are small bird saucers that can be attached to windows for holding water or you can use a normal bird bath if the space in front of the window allows for it.

When you attract birds to your windows, their safety and ease of access should always be considered. If done right, bird watching from the comfort of your home can be a relaxing and enjoyable pastime.

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