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The science of Feng Shui states that the state of any part of our house, be it the windows or the doors or even the steps form a very important part of study and their state effects the well-being of the people who reside in that home. The Windows are known as the eyes of the house and are related to the most important energy level, the level which gives the ability to see clearly in your life. So, having security bars on the windows is indeed not the good Feng Shui, but as most of us are in a situation that we cannot change, we can start looking for some practical solutions. Many of us reside in houses that have the security bars on the windows and we cannot remove them due to various security concerns.

The residents of the house can create good energy through Feng Shui inside of the windows which have the security bars. To create good Feng Shui on the outside of the window, one can use the window flower boxes or even some tall plants which will bring in the soft energy along with gentle moment which is required to neutralize the negative energy of the metal window security bars.

One needs to keep the windows clean and clear as it is a sign of good feng shui. Treat your windows with some good window treatments which allow some natural and bright light to enter during the day time and provide privacy during the night. Some of the internal window treatments which you can use to generate good feng shui are,

Use the window drapes which are made of natural fabric as they are a sign for healthy energy. Use the Feng Shui material which is appropriate for the bagua area. Use wood blinds instead of plastic blinds for windows. If the fabric chosen by you has a bold pattern make sure that the shapes and the patterns are appropriate as per Feng Shu before using it. It is always better to be fabric curtains as their movement adds the needed softness to the rooms.30

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