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Many Columbus, Ohio, homeowners are hesitant to install new windows in the winter. We don’t blame you—it’s cold, wet, and you’re probably busy preparing for the holidays. The spring and summer months seem like they would be the best times to update your home, but there are quite a few advantages to getting new windows installed in the winter. You could save a lot of time and money by keeping an open mind about winter renovations.

energy savings right away

Here are 4 reasons why it’s a good idea to replace your windows in the winter:

You’ll notice energy savings right away

Many homeowners worry about installing new windows in the winter because they think their energy bills will skyrocket from having their homes open to the cold. In reality, you’ll be saving money in the long-run because your new windows will be more energy efficient. Think of it this way: would you rather have higher energy costs for a few days while the installation takes place or have higher energy bills for the entire winter due to old, inefficient windows? Another thing to consider is that windows are usually installed one at a time during the winter to minimize energy loss.

You’ll have more scheduling flexibility

You’re not the only homeowner who has reservations about replacing their windows in the winter. And that means remodeling companies aren’t as busy during the colder months. Since fewer families are replacing their windows in the winter, you’ll have more flexibility to schedule your installation when you want to. The job might even get done faster since remodelers have fewer homes to visit.

Another thing to consider is that some remodeling companies will try to back out of smaller projects during the warmer seasons. Your project might not be a priority to them since there are bigger, more profitable projects to be done during their peak seasons. If you have a smaller project that you want a remodeling company to prioritize, winter is the best time to get it done.

You might get a better price

Since home remodelers aren’t as busy during the winter, you might get a better price on your new windows. The peak seasons for window installations are in the early spring after homeowners have had a chance to notice problems with their windows during the winter and in the early fall when homeowners start worrying about colder temperatures. Window installers will be much more willing to negotiate prices and give you discounts during their offseason since business isn’t as good. You could get the gift of new windows this holiday season and have enough money left over to buy more presents for your family and friends (or for yourself, of course).

You’ll avoid bugs and allergies

The number one concern about getting windows replaced in the winter is letting the cold in, but many homeowners don’t consider the other things that could get into their home during installation. If you opt to replace your windows during the spring and summer months, you risk letting pollen and creepy crawlers into your home. Installing new windows in the winter means you won’t be sneezing or reaching for the fly swatter in the months after your installation.



As you can see, there are many advantages to getting new windows installed during the winter. You’ll have a more energy efficient home, save money, have more scheduling flexibility, and be able to keep unwanted bugs and allergies out of your home. If you have more questions or concerns about window installation in the winter, contact the experienced builders at Wingler Construction or call us at (614) 215-9038.


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